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Vacuum test adapter

Vacuum test fixtures are precisely matched to the individual test systems with their interfaces. Due to the vacuum technology, high forces are generated by the negative pressure, which make it possible to contract an extremely large number of spring contact probes.

MOTECO offers vacuum adapters for:

  • All common test systems
  • double-sided contacting
  • Bi-Level Contacting
  • Automatic opening after the test procedure


Here, too, precision is the decisive factor. Even the smallest errors cause the penetration of air and thus the collapse of the "vacuum".

Our know-how is also the interaction of pressure and counter-pressure, so that the adapter is pulled off symmetrically - this also has a gentle effect on the load on the circuit board.

Our task is to design and manufacture the right adapter for your requirements, even if it is a little more complex.

MOTECO offers a 360° service for this.


Consultation / Voting → Conceptual design → Production → Test Packaging → Delivery → Service

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