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Customized solutions

Beyond adapter construction, we develop and manufacture special test solutions according to customer specifications.

Special adapters are available in all conceivable designs and functions. They are not limited to testing electrical quantities. They can also include, for example, optical or thermal test tasks. There are hardly any limits to the imagination here.

Whether standardised adapter basic units or individual special designs are used depends on the customer's requirements. In addition to the purely technical tasks, the safety requirements in particular must be observed. If it is a complete machine, the necessary tests and certifications such as the GS mark and ECE must also be carried out and documented.

The basis is the creation of a requirements and functional specification, this is created in close consultation with you and then approved by you.

Our task is to design and manufacture the right adapter for your requirements, even if it is a little more complex.

MOTECO offers a 360° service for this.

Consultation / coordination → conceptual design → production → testing → packaging → delivery → service

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