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MOTECO is a professional service provider in testing technology for the electrical industry.

The majority of our employees come from the business unit "dismantled test fixtures" of the company Ingun Prüfmittelbau GmbH. This business division existed successfully from 1971 until March 2021. For strategic reasons, Ingun Prüfmittelbau GmbH has separated from this business division and handed it over to the caring hands of G&C Germany GmbH. Almost all employees from this business area were taken over, as well as the entire machinery and technical equipment. Since March 2021, this business has been very successfully managed under the brand name MOTECO.


With this takeover, more than 500 years of professional experience and many years of customer loyalty have been transferred to MOTECO. In addition to the existing Ingun customers, more and more new customers can be won and satisfied.

The reorganization and successful realignment of the company is managed and carried out by an experienced and motivated management team.

Thomas Kiefer

Thomas Kiefer

Managing director

Bernd Fischer

Head of project management

Andreas Schlenker

Andreas Schlenker

Head of mechanical processing

Harald Diemert

Head Text fixture

Our PA team (project department) accompanies you from initial contact to acceptance and beyond. 

Alexander Kraft

Alexander Kraft


+49 7531 921 8623

Philip Kapitza

Philip Kapitza


+49 7531 921 8626

Martin Kirch

Martin Kirch


+49 7531 921 8627

Andreas Romano

Andreas Romano


+49 7531 921 8634

Dennis Steckeler


+49 7531 921 8636

Steffen Berger


+49 7531 921 8629

A constantly growing number of employees ensures the smooth implementation of your projects


Why choose MOTECO

We are always here for you!


We have an extensive design library with standardized and customized solutions.


We apply best practice principles and know that a customized device requires an equally customized testing solution.


We use high quality and environmentally friendly materials, which are crucial for the performance and our high quality.

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