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for all test systems known in the market

Inline systems are used when very large quantities have to be tested. The test, whether in-circuit or functional test, takes place in parallel or within the production process. 

There are a large number of manufacturers for inline systems. The test system must always be adapted to the respective plant type. 

MOTECO offers the right test adapter for every renowned inline system.

Often, the inline system manufacturers provide the basic kits, as this is the only way to ensure that they are up to date with the system.

The basis for the production of the adapter is the creation of a requirements and functional specification, this is created in close consultation with you and then approved by you.

Our task is to design and manufacture the right adapter for your requirements, even if it is a little more complex.

For some manufacturers multi-functions adapter have also been made, where the inline change kit is also installed in manual, mechanical adapters. This becomes very advantageous during start-up of the plant and for special tests.

MOTECO offers 360° service for this.

Consulting/coordination → Conceptual design → Production → Test → Packaging → Delivery → Service

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