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High-frequency test adapters and interchangeable sets

High-frequency adapters (HF adapters) are often used for smaller batch sizes. Here, the interchangeable sets offer a great economic advantage.

High-frequency adapters (HF adapters) place very high demands on the quality of the assembly. Even the smallest gaps or the selection of the wrong materials destroy test results. Often there are only a few signal lines to be integrated - the selection of the right HF interface and perfect insulation are the challenge here.

We know what to look out for!

However, there are increasingly deployments in industry where thousands of products need to be tested. These include consumer components such as W-LAN routers, Bluetooth transmitters and receivers and much more.

We offer the right solution for every application!

MOTECO offers a 360° service for this.

Consultation / coordination → conceptual design → production → testing → packaging → delivery → service

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