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MOTECO's range of services is very diverse. Our core competence is the development of test fixtures (preferably from the manufacturer Ingun Prüfmittelbau) and the production of replacement sets for these fixtures. In addition to these standard adapters, we are also able to develop and produce very individual customer-specific test adapters together with you. Another area of our range of services is the production of CNC milled parts made of plastic and aluminium - also as samples or in small series.

Our services in detail:

Mechanical test fixtures and interchangeable kits

The mechanical test fixtures and the associated interchangeable sets are mainly used when the quantities to be tested are not too large. The complexity of the test requirements range from simple to highly complex.

Vacuum test fixture

Vacuum test fixtures are often used when larger quantities are to be tested or when the force required to test is very high. Furthermore, this type of testing is very gentle on the PCB. Thanks to the wide range of our vacuum test fixtures, they fit all test systems.

High-frequency adapters and interchangeable sets

High-frequency adapters are built for special test tasks. Where the emission and absorption of radiation has an influence on the measurement result, the use of RF adapters can provide the solution. Especially with these adapters, the quality of the manufacturing is a decisive factor.

Special adapter

Often the requirements for the test are so special that the use of standard adapters is not possible or does not make sense. In this case, special solutions must be developed together with the customer.


Inline systems are used when very large quantities have to be tested. The test is performed during or at the end of a fully automated electronics manufacturing line. These test adapters are highly adapted to the inline system.

CNC parts production

In addition to the classic adapter extension business, MOTECO also offers CNC parts made of plastic or aluminium for prototypes, pilot series or small series.


Automation is becoming increasingly important in order to be able to maintain and expand the production location in countries with high personnel costs.

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