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Test Fixtures

Our high-quality and versatile test fixtures meet a wide variety of requirements at the highest level.

Manual test fixture with exchangeable kits

Customized and modular

The exchangeable kits consist of the probe plate unit and the pressure frame unit. The probe plate unit includes the pressure plate, the probe plate, the wiring protection plate and, depending on the version, an internal interface that is modularly loaded with interface blocks, as required. The pressure frame unit includes the pressure frame unit plate and the leading pushrod.

Safe for transport

For storage or transport, the probe plate unit and the pressure frame unit can be firmly screwed together with stacking screws to form a unit with a protected probe field.

HF-gerechte Abschirmung

Exchangeable kits for manual test fixtures are available in standard, ESD, radio frequency, and rigid pin versions.


With our partial automations, manual test fixtures as well as exchange kits can be expanded as needed to make testing your electronic assembly easier, more convenient and safer. You have the possibility to contact the sleeves directly with a wireless board - without loss of performance via cable connections or wiring effort. Automated with a self-opener, the test fixture opens and closes independently.

Manual radio frequency test fixtures with exchangeable kits

Interchangeable kit systems

Manual radio frequency test fixtures are designed as interchangeable kit systems. Radio frequency shielded replacement kits are combined with basic units from the manual test fixture series.

High precision

The precision-made exchangeable kits can be prepared for new testing tasks without tools and without readjustment in seconds. They are available in different with or without internal interface.

HF-gerechte Abschirmung

The high-precision RF chambers (copper covers) provide outstanding screening attenuation in the frequency range up to 6 GHz. Therefore, they ensure not only RF-compatible shielding of the highly sensitive RF boards against signal interference from the outside, but also the protection of operating personnel against RF fields emitted from the inside the fixture.

Various EMC-compatible RF connectors, for mounting on the RF interface to transfer signals to and from the screened area, are available to connect the RF board to the measuring system. To set up an internal high network, absorber mats (HF-A) for different frequencies are available.

Vacuum test fixture

Compatible with all common test systems and interfaces

Vacuum test fixtures (VA) are designed as stand-alone test fixtures, primarily without customisations. They are available in different sizes with and without test system interface, and are compatible with all common test systems and interfaces. The vacuum cassettes are designed for single-sided, single-stage or for single-sided, dual-stage contacting for performing the combined FCT/ICT test.

Dual-stage contacting

The single-sided dual-stage contacting is implemented with an electrically operated shifting plate. The ICT is performed in the first stage and the FCT test is performed in the second stage, which is approx. 5 mm above the first stage. 

Additional customisations

With appropriate customisations, e.g. in the form of an additional contact unit (ZSK), an additional single-stage contact can be implemented from above, so that the vacuum test fixture is equipped for double-sided contacting.

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